Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Big Day #1

I LOVE my boy! I get so excited seeing him excited and enjoying school and a life of his own. Today was the big day and we managed to get there on time as well as getting pretty much all the supplies AND making a healthy lunch. See:

For those who can't tell, that's peanut butter (no added anything) and jelly on whole grain bread (not homemade yet), fruit salad (no added sugar), cherry tomatoes from our back yard w/salad dressing and Joe's whole grain mango O's plus 1 graham cracker broken up for a treat. Not the world's healthiest lunch but certainly not the worst either. Of course... it's only the first day.

Joined the boy for lunch (I love that about my kids school too). I love seeing those young faces and getting a chance to connect to their world. The boy ate all of his PBJ, about half his fruit salad and that was that. Not bad I suppose. At least it is a start.

The funny thing is that now Mr. little guy has a schedule set out for him and tasks laid out for him each day. I, on the other hand, am left to figure this out for myself. Do I shop, go to the library with the girl, clean house, blog or other? And if I figure it out this week, well then, it's a gonna change again. Seems in my house that everybody's got school but me... and yet I'm learning.

The part of my schedule that hasn't changed is my 20 hours of work a week and they are beckoning me... oh so close. I've got to change my clothes, get the girl back in the car, meet Dad at the Zoo, exchange vehicles and roles. He'll get to take the girl and pick up the boy. I'll work a bit early in order to spend time with Mr. Man (no doubt playing baseball which is his new favorite past-time) before bedtime again. Life sometimes feels like a bizarre ritual of over and over again but the little precious moments are spinning so fast. I only hope I appreciate them to my fullest ability before they are gone. Another good reason for capturing much of it in pictures.

I tried like heck to add a picture here of the boy in his first day wear but try as I might, Blogger Beta was having none of it. Now I'm feeling faklempt (I doubt that is the right spelling). Until tomorrow.

By the way, for any of you out there who enjoy some of my meandering blog thoughts, please consider clicking on any of the comment buttons and telling me what you think. I promise, as long as it's not mean, it will make my day.

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