Monday, October 16, 2006

Geldof redux

Anybody remember the Boomtown Rats? or Bob Geldof for that matter? I realized something today (besides that I'm old enough to remember both of the aforementioned music icons...) and here it is (in a reverse of the Boomtown Rats classic): I LIKE MONDAYS!

As I came home to the familiar chorus of "MOM's HOME!!!!! and was met shortly thereafter by my daughter holding a black & white 8x10 photo of a bygone era -- me with bad hair and clearly a bit intoxicated at a rock'n'roll party with none other than Bob (Live Aid) Geldof by my side, a wave of nostalgia overcame me. My daughter said, "Look Mama. I found this picture of you and your uncle!" I was struck by the difference of my life then and now. Back then Monday probably meant showing up at work by 10am after a night of bar hopping and NY socializing. Today's Monday means something a bit different.

Back then I probably wasn't all that fond of Mondays. Oddly, today I figured out I kinda like 'em.

Even though I got to watch MTV in my office back in the old days and eat expensive dinners with Michael Hutchence, attend parties at Debbie (now Deborah) Gibson's house, take business trips to Los Angeles to keep track of Mr. Geldof and attend video shoots to attend to the hair stylings of Cheap Trick, I like my Mondays better now.

On Mondays these days, I get to hang out with REAL rock stars. I assist talented and ever-inspiring 1st & 2nd graders to experiment with art, I marvel at the growing social skills and great jokes of preschoolers while sharing a nice healthy nosh, I get a few hours at work wherein I'm not responsible for anyone's kids (not even my own) and then I get to play tickle trap with my boy and my girl, listen with joy beyond compare and ridiculous parental pride as my son READS BOOKS TO ME!!!! and get to see my hubbie before he takes the little people to bed leaving me with a little time to myself! Even feeling the need to rise at 5am just to get in a good 40 minutes of exercise didn't dampen my day!

Geldof would be proud (he may be a rock star but even he is now Dad to 4 girls)! And while some Mamas seem to bemoan the fact that they find themselves dated by the songs of the 70's and 80's, I find great joy in them! Give me "September" by Earth, Wind & Fire, "Tragedy" by the Bee Gee's, anything by Andy Gibb or Peter Gabriel and I'm happy! And don't forget "Wake me up before you go, go"... I know, I know but somebody's got to admit to liking it!


  1. I'm sorry,but when the f***k does anyone have time to enjoy Mondays?

    If I can write for 30 minutes on any given day, it's been a marvelous success for me. I'm not envious; you'll say I am, that I'm just envious of your lovely time, your expansive nature, your joy in being. No, it just pisses me off right at this moment. But my kid, the only one I have, incidentally, was home all day with a case of exhaustion after a weekend of playing and fun. What the HELL!

    All My Love and Yours In Mothering,


  2. I just do a double take whenever I hear "Don't say no! Boys say go!" Aside from hanging out with the Beastie Boys backstage at a New Orleans concert for reproductive rights, I haven't had nearly the musical life you've had!

    Although I couldn't agree more that the musicians, actors, athletes and artists we're raising and hanging with now are much more impressive.

    And to answer your question I'm in Boston. St. Louis was a work trip.

  3. Sir Grapefellow10/17/2006

    You know I actually love Sundays now too!!!
    Cause the dreaded Monday is long gone for me too.

    Also Old. I have pics of my wife kissing the TV while "Georgie" sang "Wake me up before you go, go" ;)

    I wanted hair like Cheap trick. Although in the day I did look like Christopher Atkins. Now... I like bald, good thing too, although long hair might be fun... or any hair for that matter.

    I know Geldof is not a Wizard from Lord of the Rings :D

  4. We have this great new radio station here. Their slogan is "70s, 80s and whatever we want". They actually play the Go Gos! They played one of their songs on the way in to work! It was fun!

  5. So where is that pic of you and Bob? ;-)

  6. I used to have such a crush on Bob Geldolf! I had no idea I should have spent more time pestering you for juicy details! I'm in awe of all parents...I have enough trouble managing my life and can't for the life of me imagine also having to tend to youngsters and a spouse. Kudos to you for finding time to blog! Every Monday I always feel a little guilty telling my coworker (who is also an overworked mom) what fun things I did over the weekend but she tells me she loves to hear how single people live. Am I really just being cruel to her?

  7. Well, remember that the origina song was written about a girl went on a shooting spree at her high school, kiling her principal and custodian and injuring a bunch of kids. When she was asked why she did it, she said "I don't like mondays." Few of us have mondays like that!

    But, I do appreciate the sentiments of what you write.


  8. Oh,I and I looooove the Beegees and Peter Gabriel. There are few moments on film like John Cusack hoisting the ghetto blaster playing "in your eyes" in the wee hours of the am for his love to hear. Peter is really great in concert, still!