Thursday, February 15, 2007

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

Blast off!

Yesterday as my children amused themselves (as children will) with dramatic play scenarios of knights and princesses, kitties and babies, kings and guards and rocketeers (see them ready to take off in their rockets above), I was knitting and knitting and knitting some more. I'm pretty much done with the twins gifts (just one small thing to sew up and yarn bits to knit in) but I've got a ways to go for Kayla's present. For those knitters out there, my goal for today is to complete the front (yesterday I managed the back piece). Tomorrow I hope to finish the sleeves and finalize the project (hubbie gets to do the wrapping and delivery if I'm still feeling sick).

Maybe it was the lift offs or the green yarn, but I also started to notice the tell tale signs that spring is coming, seeing the tiny green shoots starting to prepare for lift off in my garden. I must say that discovery helped to lift my spirits enough to get through the sick day (that and having Dad show up in the afternoon - always seems to work better when we are able to work as a team instead of on our own alone).

So today while I attempt to pretend to myself that I'm feeling just fine when well... let's face it I'm really not... I am looking forward to the days getting slightly warmer and the flowers blooming, and working in my garden (anyone know a good garden planning resource?). I'm also looking ahead to more hours of sunlight to lift my spirits and beginning to think about wanting to focus on fixing up my house on the inside before I get too focussed on the outside and the yard -- nothing too involved but definitely some painting that's just never happened and some refreshing of accessories, framing and hanging of photos and the like.

And speaking of blast offs, my son's reading has taken off like a rocket and as I proudly watched him reading yet another chapter book yesterday and looking for a bookmark when he had to put it down for some reason or another, I cut a postcard that was laying around, one with an ocean view on the front, in half and handed him one. He seemed pleased. His happy face made me want to make some fun bookmarks for him, creative for me and laminated for longevity. If any of my crafty friends want to teach me about these crafty challenge swap thingies, I'd like to put out a challenge to do some fun bookmarks. Any takers?

PS - Counting the other way, I'm now experiencing ocular migraine #2 (that's 2 in just 5 days for anyone who is counting besides me). I'm gonna call my chiropractor when its over but does anyone have a good vacation home in Maui I could use for a week or so :-) Ahhh wouldn't that be nice?).


  1. Ooh so sorry to hear you're not feeling well and those headaches are back. Yuck.
    But a swap??? Are you kidding? I'm so there. I've never swapped bookmarks before. How many do you want to swap? I'll get started. :)

  2. The thing is I don't know anything about how these swaps work... Who to involve, how many to make, who to trade with, logistics, etc.? Do you know? I need guidance.

  3. You have the type-bookmarks.
    You can pick a theme-birds, children ect... and there has to be at least one image or you can pick no theme and just let it fly.
    As many or as little as you want can participate or you can invite certain people to participate or whoever signs up and maybe set up cut off date for signing up. Set a # to exchange like "send in two and get two back from two different artists." Then get the peoples addresses and send them out once you get them all.

  4. I'd do a bookmark swap...though I'm no crafter!

  5. So I'll need some help with coordinating this but on my end, I need some bookmarks that a soon-to-be 7-year-old boy would enjoy... someone who loves Magic School Bus (used to) and Magic Tree House (does now) and Legos and Kick Ball and reading... What themes would others like? I think they should be laminated.

  6. You could just partner up two people and have them put in their request to the other person that way you'll get what you need and the person you make for, will get what they want. :)

  7. O.K. Norma and Karen... let's give this a try... SWAP! 5-6 bookmarks with or without tassles, laminated if possible, theme: kids and things kids like ... I'll give 3 to Karen and 3 to Norma, each of you do 3 for the other two... is that making any sense? Hope so... let me know.

  8. How long do we have to do this? I'm going to need to collect some pictures and stuff...