Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Kick in the pants

So as I sit here making my calls to let folks know that both my kids will be staying home from school sick today with colds (yup - on Valentine's Day), I was reminded of a conversation from a girl's night out this weekend.

The topic of women being nurturing came up and why it is we often nurture others at the expense of our own needs and sometimes even health. There was no real resolution, I believe the conversation veered from there into some other direction, but it is still hovering around in my head. Oddly enough the next morning, the universe would bring it up again...

Give me a kick in the pants really... and it looked something like the picture above. I was graced with my first ever Ocular Migraine and boy was it interesting. For those who aren't familiar with these goodies, they are similar but different from their more famous cousins - the headache migraine. The ocular version has similar causes (such as red wine and chocolate, stress, contricted blood vessels), but differs in symptoms. Most folks experiencing the ocular version as I did, get a small fuzzy part of their vision which gets bigger and bigger (blocking out 1/2 of the vision in my case) for about 20 - 30 minutes and then goes away. Mine was followed by a low level headache and extreme fatigue which lasted about a day and a half!

Since the migraine, I finally succumbed to the cold my kids are dealing with, had a flareup of my shoulder/neck injury and got a nasty cold sore on my lip (always a sign of stress in my body). And so... maybe just maybe the universe is saying, in a not-so-subtle-anymore kind of a way: "Mama Zuzi... you need to be taking care of yourself. Time to get serious about all that exercising you aren't doing, that physical therapy your shoulder needs, actually taking care of your skin (instead of just looking at the skin care products on the shelf), eating better based on your own needs and not the kids and well... creating a family schedule that honors some regular time for mama to relax (and some of that time with papa). Hmmmm. Finally time to get serious about taking care of myself too. Cause of course if I'm not here for some reason, who'll take care of the kids :-)

PS... for those who still want to voice their opinion on photo card themes, I'm thinking of closing down the poll on Friday afternoon to order photos... so have at it until then!


  1. Anonymous2/14/2007

    Mama Zuzi, can you wipe my nose? Can you wipe my butt? Can you? can you? can you do do do dododododo?


    I've still, taped to my writing desk the following quote:

    The only way I find time to write is by staying up too late, not getting enough sleep, not getting enough done around the house and remaining frustrated on other levels.

    But, rather than inspiring me as I thought it might, this quote makes my eyelids heavy, makes my temples twing in spasms, opens my jaw wide to take in gulps of air, and has the pillow in the other room whisper seductively to me.

    There has GOT to be another, more health promoting, way! I've heard it said that there are those who walk amoung us, even at our children's very school(!), women who are well rested and nourished; women who come from a place of peace in their centers; who take baths regularly, who eat 3 warm meals a day and lotion their bodies with fine oils and scents; who make no apologies for being late or early a little, who make no excuses for BEING. They, I've heard, claim the space they inhabit, the air they breath, wanting and taking more, as much as thier lungs can handle, with relish and joy. They exist for themselves, for life, not for their children or husbands. For themselves.

    One day, when I wake up, I hope to meet one of these fabulous women when I go and look in my mirror.


  2. Oh don't I hear you on the mom takes last place song. My whole family is sick (least of all the 4 month old who is getting gobs and gobs of mommy antibodies cuz mommy is so sick!). It's been 11 days of sick and I'm finally getting around to see a doc. Everyone else has seen a doc twice in that time. Ugh -- I feel like I will never know the feeling of being well again...

  3. I love your post. It's as if you read my mind. All your points have been an inner conversation this last week.

    I don't claim to know the keys to balance but do my kids NEED to be in every program available or sport? Do I NEED to craft every cute project I see? I think we need to explore and see what is working and what isn't working for our familes. Seasons change too. Due to whatever, it may be easier to find time when at other times, it comes easy.

    Thanks so much for sharing and for the support and kindred spirit I find on your site. :)

  4. right there with you, except my stress headache is across the back of my head so that I can't turn it really.

    I was up coughing half the night, day care was closed, I was supposed to give a speech (which I did) we were late to the orthodontist late getting back to school. Thank goodness for my parents who graciously took the baby so I could give my speech. And thank goodness the stress headache (which I think is really a high blood pressure headache and yes, I have a doctor's appt to check it out) didn't hit until after the speech.

    And the worst: my first coffee of the day is at 2:02 pm.

    but my hubby brought me roses.