Monday, February 12, 2007

Monday morning blahs

Starting off the week feeling a bit blah, kind of like this little pony looks. My friend Debbra referenced these pretty ponies (found around town in Portland) in her blog recently. This once pretty pink pony looks a bit worse for wear to me -- a bit like a mama after a particularly rough patch such as attempting to teach her princess how to be angry without destroying the first things she sees or finally succeeding in getting the young prince to make his 26 Valentines Cards on the very last day before they are due (since he wouldn't do any of it all week long).

Thanks to all of you who have voted in my photo card theme poll. Keep 'em coming... and yes you can vote as many times as you'd like - it's all about YOU! How many times can you say that? Vote away and happy Monday (2 days and counting before the big V-day)!


  1. or a bit like a mama who spent the weekend trying to potty train the almost 3 year old and then dealing with the 11 year old who stayed up all night at a slumber party and was a great big pill when she came home.

    On the up side, it was the (now) 10 year old's birthday on Saturday. After going completely winless this season his basketball team finally had a win. On his birthday!! Awesome.

  2. Great lessons worth spending time on though. The value of taking time to make something for someone and some self-control. Good for you~~I'm with ya.

    "I'm determined to keep trying, and hope you will join me."

  3. I love those horses around Portland! My favorite was when I saw one and someone had layed down some straw for it to eat and a bottle cap filled with water!! Gotta love Ptown!