Saturday, November 03, 2007

Saturday morning musings

As I try to wake up this beautiful fall Saturday morning (don't forget to set your clocks back this weekend), I'm struck by just how amazing and difficult and sometimes truly absurd this parenting gig can be. And in honor of the craziness, I share with you a few of our more absurd moments of the week:

  • Finally finding the girls good shoes (which have been missing for over a week), stuffed full of cat food and hiding in her dresser... which just might explain why all her clothes were on top!
  • Having the girl lose one brand new mitten within hours of purchase!
  • Finally volunteering in the classroom, only to have the teacher try something new and despite my best efforts, having a bunch of confused, defiant and melting down 1st graders on my hands!
  • Having the boy's best friend invite him to a music class "bring a friend" day, which led to "I want to take that class!" Mind you, this would be a good thing except that the class is close to $200/semester and goes for a year and would no doubt involve little sister wanting to go too, etc.
  • Having Papa try to take boy to after-school math circle but not being able to find where they were meeting (apparently missed by one room)!
  • Having one 1st grader who pretty much bursts into tears if I ask her what's in her lunch (I've stopped looking at her or talking to her - apparently it is more than she can bear),
  • Having a preschool fan club of one -- the boy who I rarely interact with and lately when I do makes me frustrated beyond belief, apparently LIKES me! With my new found status, maybe I can convince him to stop talking potty talk for a few minutes!

Ahhh... now what will the weekend hold?!

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  1. oh my gosh that's so funny about the little girl who cries if you ask her what's in her lunch.