Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What I'd Like Wednesday

Well it has been a week since last Wednesday and not much has changed on my "wish list" (you can check it out here).

This week I'm going to go the more realistic approach:

It's Wednesday and here's what I'd like:

  • A delicious farm-like breakfast I don't have to cook,
  • All the laundry clean and put away (without me having to do it),
  • Some new clothes,
  • A hair cut,
  • The ability to drink coffee without getting edgy (o.k. so it's not that realistic),
  • Someone calling my hubby for a job interview (Hello... Legacy Health System are you listening?),
  • Not to have to get up at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow,
  • A dry evening so it will be GAME ON!
  • The will to exercise,
  • One or more writing gigs (telecommuting) to bring in some extra cash while enjoying myself,
  • A neck that isn't sore.
What would make your week this Wednesday?


  1. I gave up all caffeine and alcohol as I finally admitted that it always made me irritable.

    What would make my week:
    * being able to move up my trip home week...instead of moving it up by only one month. But I'll take the month.
    * my husband getting the job in NYC he applied for (or one of the two in Switzerland)
    *finally getting it that whether or not my MIL tells my FIL every detail of every thing I say and do during our imminent visit is NOT my problem, it's hers.

  2. Wow kudos to you and the caffeine and alcohol. I'm just not there yet... those are my treats and taking them away just seems like life would be more depressing although I do try to cut back and I'm much more likely I believe to give up caffeine than my glasses of wine in the evening... which wouldn't be so bad if I drink them only after the kids have gone to bed?! Just thinking out loud.

    - Yay on your trip.
    - Good luck on the jobs!
    - Don't let the in-laws get you down.

    PS... if you are ever in Portland again, you should let me know!

  3. - Merry Maids doing their magic.
    - Downstairs re-model over.
    - More time to craft.
    - Not having to work tomorrow.
    - SUN, HEAT, SUN, HEAT, SUN and more HEAT.

  4. I had to give up the caffeine after my youngest was born. I had blood pressure problems and caffeine started giving me a wicked headache. I still drink decaf. I look at it less as "giving up" and more as being healthier. I'm less edgy and that's a good thing.

    Give up wine, though, heck no! My sisters-in-law will be visiting this weekend and I have a reputation to uphold. We have a different drink each visit. I have to come up with something good quick, cause tomorrow they'll be asking me, "What are we drinking?" Don't worry, no one is getting plastered. We generally have one a piece and fall asleep!