Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fun in the summer time

Summer fun.

To most of us those words bring up images of running around our neighborhood with friends, sleeping in, Popsicles, the ice cream truck and swimming! 

As Summer weather has finally arrived in the great Northwest, we decided to go ahead and put up our inflatable pool. It is the first place I look for my daughter from now until I know she is in a school classroom. She is a water baby for sure.

Unfortunately she wants someone in there with her at all times and often she wants it to be me. Yesterday I was off the hook because I was at my office working all day. Tuesday (my other day off this week) I got a short respite in the morning while we waited for the clouds to burn off. I had hoped to be working on my Etsy shop orders during that time but the right magnet parts have not arrived and the prints were still a work in progress. Instead I made scones - real ones - the kind that are even triangular in shape!

Ready to go into the oven
Ready to eat!
Chocolate chip scones were quite a hit, especially with the sprinkled sugar on top. They looked so good, I even had to have one -- which added 300 calories to my daily count! Two bouts with the treadmill to work that off!

By the time we had mixed, baked and eaten our scones, it was warm and sunny outside and time to get in the pool. I bought a wee bit more time by taking a trip to purchase pool toys and of course ended up in the pool for much of the afternoon. 

The good news for today is that my beautiful prints have arrived thanks to the hard work of Thomas Webb! You really must check out his incredible paintings and prints at! 

I have forewarned the girl that I will get in the pool but once because I will be working on Etsy orders and packaging, including a trip to the post office and possibly a store for crafty supplies. Soon this pile of gorgeous prints will be cards, canvases, necklaces, magnets and more.

Stay tuned!

So many prints, so much "making" fun to be had!

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  1. Wow Thanks a bunch! Been away from most of my computer stuff, with the busy BD weekend that has just passed. I hope all the prints were usable. Looks like you've been working like gang busters on your etsy shop!