Saturday, April 13, 2013

Making the photo canvas

Prepping the canvas

1. For this version of a photo on canvas, I used a pre-made canvas and painted the sides black. I also carried the paint onto the front of the canvas just about 1/4 inch. 

Adding the photo

2. After the paint dried (left it for a day or two), I cut the image down to be just smaller all the way around than the canvas. 

3. I attached the digital photo onto the canvas with an adhesive spray. 


4. After an hour or so, I applied hodge podge to the sides of the image and the image itself. In this case, I used a paint roller to give it a bit of texture. I let that dry for a few hours before doing a 2nd coat. 

and voila!

5. Last but not least, after all was dry I added a bit more black to the front edges to blend the photo edges with the canvas. 

You can purchase this very piece online now at:

To DIY, you can also purchase most of these items at a Joann's Fabrics near you or any local craft store and the Purple Power (flowers) print at Mama Picture This here: (the listing is for an 11"x11" print but happy to special order 8"x8" or other sizes, just contact me. 

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