Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Prep work

Prepping a canvas this week. I can't wait to continue the process but need the paint to be completely dry. Having to stop myself from going out to purchase tons of supplies. 

The creative process certainly is a mysterious thing, especially as an artistic person who is also the parent to two kids, a 4th and a 7th grader. Between periods of single parenting (when my husband travels on business), working with the kids to do their chores and their homework, shuttling them to and from play dates and other activities, it is hard to have the quiet time needed just to be silent and hear the voice of inspiration. I'm having to figure out other ways to get energized and get the creative juices flowing. 

I did notice that seeing what other artists are doing at the Sidestreet Gallery show last week was an inspiration. So many great ideas out there that have never occurred to me. They may or may not be anything I need to pursue, but they get ideas flowing nonetheless.

What gets your creativity flowing? 

PS - if you are following along, I still haven't managed to go get a frame for and hang up my daughter's flower picture. My current excuse is that I may not be able to control myself  and may come home with bags and bags of goodies! Could be fun but expensive! 

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