Friday, May 17, 2013

10 Ways to Celebrate a Big Birthday without Breaking the Bank

If you are having a big birthday and want to celebrate without breaking the bank, there are still some great things you can do to mark the occasion. 
1.  Get a tattoo 
While a large or elaborate tattoo can set you back hundreds of dollars, you can often get a smaller one for under $100. 
2. Pierce something
Never gotten your ears pierced? Do it now. Looking for something more adventurous, consider your upper ear or nose. I got my nose pierced just last year and it cost about $50 including jewelry. 
3. Manicure/Pedicure
        Want to go wild and spend a bit more? You can do
        both manicure and pedicure together. Save money 
        and just pick the one that makes you feel extra 
4. Cut & Color
If you are anything like me, you don't cut your hair as often as you might like. A good hair cut can make you feel great so go for it. If you can spend a little extra go for some color. I always color my own hair but this year am splurging for both a new cut and a little fun color -- something I don't normally do. 
5. Shopping
The nice thing about taking yourself shopping (in stores or online) is that you are in charge and you can buy anything from a whole new outfit to a new piece of jewelry at the local resale shop or even some sparkly new nail polish to do your own nails. 
I know I'd like to spend my next birthday on an island in the Pacific or in Europe but this year it isn't going to happen. And that's o.k. My birthday celebration (and yours as well) can be special even on a budget. 

Happy Birthday to You! Make sure you find a way to honor just how wonderful you are even if it can't be elaborate. And while you are at it... consider figuring out ways to celebrate all year long throughout the year. You deserve it!


  1. Cathy D5/20/2013

    You ARE having a big birthday, aren't you?! Since I am the youngest of our trio of high school friends, I get to say you're older than me!

    Another great way to spend your special day, if you are lucky enough to have a summer bday: go to the pool and pack a picnic lunch. It's my favorite and could only be topped by pizza at Rigazzi's in the evening.

  2. I am older than you but not for long! I technically have a spring birthday and out here it won't be warm enough for a day at the pool unless it is indoor. I am low carbing so I'll pass on the pizza. Likely I will drop the kids off at school. Take myself shopping. Play on the computer. Maybe watch a movie or two I've been meaning to see. Get my hair cut and colored and then have drinks with some friends.