Saturday, May 18, 2013

Blog Birthday Comment Contest

As you may know, or may have noticed, I have a big birthday coming up. Despite my best attempts to hate this particular birthday year, I am actively working at ways to make it great. 

I don't know about you, but I feel WAY younger than I am. And while age is just a number, they can wreak havoc with our emotional state until we adjust. If we allow them to, they can even send us into a deep depressionary spiral and ruin our year. But we are the only ones who can choose whether to wallow in self-pity or to celebrate ourselves in all our glory at whatever age we happen to be. 

What is life without celebrations? 

We all know just what life is if we aren't getting older. 

And on a somewhat somber note, those of us celebrating big birthdays should remember that not every one is so lucky to get the chance. 

And so ... despite how much it pains me to type these words, I am actively working toward being FABULOUSLY FIFTY! Can it be? Not me! But alas tis true. 

In honor of this momentous occasion that is coming all too soon (see my birthday countdown calendar to the right of your screen), I am having a Blog Birthday Comment Contest! 

The rules are easy: 

1. Comment on the Mama Picture This blog between now and June 6th
2. Share the blog post that includes your comment ... on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest
3. You are automatically entered in a random drawing on my birthday (June 7th) 
4. Winner receives a t-shirt & 4-pack of photo cards (you choose the photos)
5. 2 Runners up win an 8x10 (or 8x8) photo print of their choosing! 

*** In addition, I will donate 5% of every sale in my shop between now and my birthday to Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (in honor of my Dad). 

Happy Big Birthday to Me... and to you too! 
Help me to make it a great one! 

I am counting on all of you (you know who you are) who read the blog but rarely if ever comment to comment and spread the word far and wide! Without your help, this contest will fizzle... but with your help it will be FABULOUS! 


  1. Happy Birthday to Me! See ... it's easy!

  2. Anonymous5/18/2013

    That's my mom's birthday too! Hope yours is lovely. Sounds like you are being proactive about it! Xo, Belinda

  3. Belinda - you are in! Thanks for commenting and cool on your mom sharing my birthday! I know a friend of Indy's that does as well and Prince and Jessica Tandy!

  4. Act less mature every year and people will think you're younger than you are; works for me!! lol

  5. Anonymous5/23/2013

    You may ask yourself, 'how did I get here?'

    Enjoy every moment Sue, this is your life to live so live it with Gusto...

    Love you,


  6. Anonymous5/25/2013

    Hey Sue!

    You've alway's been old in my eyes!

    And to me, that meant super cool...


    you lil

  7. Lisa, you know I will (act younger). I'm already embarassing my kids!

  8. Nice one Sean! How are you coping with 40? ;-)

  9. Anonymous5/27/2013

    Have I told you the classic story of my sister-in-law? It ends with "Because I'm 50, and I don't have to".



  10. "To me, fair friend, you never can be old, For as you were when first your eye I eye'd, Such seems your beauty still." - William Shakespears

    LOVE YOU -- Laurann