Thursday, May 23, 2013

Getting older (and better)

I for one am not a big fan of aging, but truly there is no choice. 

And if you are reading this and thinking how strange this all sounds because you are in your teens or twenties or even maybe your thirties, trust me when I say that one day (not as far off as it currently seems) you will wake up and feel like your life is a Talking Heads song! 

As part of the acceptance process, it is helping me to know my many friends from college in particular but High School as well who are right there with me within a year or two. 

I am reading a book on my Kindle reader called "50 Ways to Enjoy Turning Fifty" and part of the acceptance piece is finding people in their 50's who you admire. 

I don't have enough time today to do a lot of research but I have found a bunch of cool famous folk who range from 50-60 to make me feel better about where I'm at. If these cool people can be this age, well then I can manage it too. 

59: Oprah Winfrey                   & John Malkovich
58: Reba McIntire                     & Annie Lennox 
57: Whoopi Goldberg                & Johnny Rotten
56: Daniel Day-Lewis & Chris Isaak
55: Ellen DeGeneres & Sheila E. 
54: Prince (shares my birthday) & Joan Jett 
53: Valerie Bertinelli & Bono 
52: Colin Firth (love) & John Taylor (love)! 
51: John Bon Jovi & John Corbett (need I say more) 
50: Jodie Foster & Jon Stewart 
49: John Stamos & Johnny Depp 
Not bad company at all. Not at all. Now a quick reminder that only 3 people have actually participated in my birthday blog contest and I find that well -- unacceptable. I love my friends and the readers of this blog and I would like to see you post even just one time in honor of my reaching this milestone. You have just 15 days to GET 'ER DONE! 

As a reminder, the rules (as easy as they are) can be found here:

Go now. Comment often. Make my day and my year ;-) 

Ciao for now, 
Mama Zuzi (Sue)


  1. Thanks for sharing the blog with all the ages of the celebrities, Sue. I still do struggle with my age. Last night I said to a friend that Kelley Hunt must be in her 50s and then laughed when I realized... I'm in my 50s! My friend (who is 43) got a big hoot out of that! Anyway, I don't ever feel my age either except for the episodes last year. It is a process, I guess. The good thing is that no one can ever guess how old I am and I am looking pretty good for 51. As are all the celebrities you have pictured. So I guess we are in good company!

  2. Anonymous5/24/2013

    test johhny d

  3. Anonymous5/24/2013

    Anna Chek can't believe that Johnny Depp is getting old!

  4. Thanks for sharing Des ... and Anna! Yup Mr. Depp is just a week or so younger than me! Make me love him even more! He had an awesome quote a few years ago about the point in life when sleep actually is more attractive than partying!