Friday, May 31, 2013

New blog features

Just wanted to let folks know that for now I'm going to be focussing on particular themes on particular days. Check it out: 

SUNDAY:  Studio Sunday -- organization, things to includes, supplies, design and more

MONDAY:  Mama Monday -- anything related to being a mama, mama picture this

TUESDAY:  Tutorial Tuesday -- Mine, yours, ours. DIY it baby!

WEDNESDAY:  What a shot Wednesday -- photos and more photos

THURSDAY:  Thankful Thursday -- Things I'm thankful for & appreciations

FRIDAY:  Nearly Famous Friday (moving my blog posts here) 

SATURDAY:  Self Improvement Saturday - we all do it and I'm gonna share about it

I'll start up this schedule tomorrow... my first self-improvement Saturday. Guess I better get thinking about what I am gonna do ;-) 

And if you are someone with a studio, a mama with your own blog, someone who does tutorials or just interested in contacting me, please contact me! I would love to hear your thoughts! 

Ciao for now, 
Mama Zuzi


  1. Love your organization- wish I had more of that myself naturally!

    Is that a pic of you and your hubby?

    1. Nope that is a picture of me much younger with a very flirtatious Tom Petersson from Cheap Trick. Like the smug look on my face!

  2. He looks like your lovah! Body language!

  3. Ha ha Tina! We flirted like crazy for years. Came close once but there were definite reasons it didn't happen that time. I do miss that guy. He was fun. Now we are both married with a boy and a girl etc.