Thursday, May 30, 2013

All in the family

While I admit that Mama Picture This is my shop and to-date sells only items made by me or my own photos, I am getting a little help from my family. 

The hubby and I headed over to Home Depot last night to purchase some hard board for making my wedding (and maybe other) signs and we also got him a new drill bit set so that he can drill holes for my kid bedroom signs and I can add lovely gauze ribbons and/or jute for those who want them. I had earlier gone on my own to Joann's to purchase the ribbon, jute and a good hole punch too! Is it sad that this stuff is fun and exciting to me? ;-) I am also excited that my husband may be helping me by making recycled picture frames to sell in the shop along with my photos! It is fun having projects together and a great excuse to spend quality time together too. 

Working on ideas for bridal signs
As for my daughter, you may recall me sharing some pics of her hot pink duct tape handbag recently. I have offered to try to sell a few of her uber-creative projects, but she wants to have HER OWN shop and HER OWN blog etc. So for now... you guessed it ... she's on HER OWN!

So I was a little more than surprised (pleasantly) when I asked my 13-year old son to help me imagine what a younger boy might like to use to hang up his door sign if he was going to have one for his bedroom. He actually offered up either some sort of metal chain or twine (ended up with jute cause it is a bit thicker/sturdier)! Of course later when I told his Dad that he was helping me as my consultant, I think he said something along the lines of "meh huh wha? na relly..." or something like that. 

Tonight is made for crafting
Regardless of what he said (as if it could be translated), he did help me out and it was awesome. These days I really relish actual conversations with my boy because they don't happen as often as I'd like. 

Still a ways to go, but hanging photos make the space nicer
Something else that isn't happening as often as I'd like is comments on this blog. Come on people... my Blog Birthday Comment Contest will be over in one week's time!

The rules are easy: 
1. Comment on the Mama Picture This blog between now and June 6th
2. Share the post that includes your comment ... on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
3. You are automatically entered in a random drawing on June 7th (my bday)
4. Winner receives a t-shirt & 4-pack of photo cards (you choose the photos)
5. 2 Runners up win an 8x10 (or 8x8) photo print of their choosing! 

*** In addition, I will donate 5% of every sale in my shop between now and my birthday to Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (in honor of my Dad). 

For those of you whose name I will recognize, feel free to comment anonymously but just include your name and last name initial in the body of your comment! 

Ciao for now,
Mama Zuzi 


  1. Love that you're getting your kids opinions! My nephew has had his own Etsy shop since he was 8! He's actually had a few sales making cork boards with my leftover wine corks!

    1. Love it! My girl isn't actually online yet, she's too busy minecrafting at this point. I was just thrilled that my teenager would give an honest opinion without any sarcasm!