Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Studio Space Evolution - In the Beginning...

So in the last blog post I showed you a couple of the many awesome studio spaces that I covet. Here's one of them: 

Color coordinated, loads of organized paper, personal style represented... ahhh that would make me happy. 

I'm not sure just what they are storing in the jars and spice bottles or the cute multi-color shelving on the wall but it looks gorgeous! It also appears to be missing the part of the room where they actually craft -- maybe a desk or work table. 

But alas, my little studio space in our basement is sad in comparison. Here it is even with a few organizational tools to help it get better: 

As you may or may not be able to tell, there are a few things that need to go away (sewing machine) and I have added a couple of organizational pieces: 

Calendar to keep track or orders
Cool photo organizer 
A file organizer + more

We are testing to see if our walls are waterproofed. Then we'll decide whether to paint or dry wall and then paint. I am contemplating various organizational pieces of furniture and want to get a new chair. Suggestions are more than welcome ... or pinterest ideas. By the way, all of these new items in my studio space were purchased in the store at www.storeables.com. I may have to go back! I hear Ikea has some good solutions although they very best one I have seen is apparently discontinued. Argh. 

Well ... since it is 8 a.m. on the West Coast and I have to get my munchkins moving on this rainy Monday-ish Tuesday, I'll be going for now.

Mama Zuzi


  1. Anonymous5/29/2013

    I think you are right. A good coat of paint would be a great start. Enjoying the blog.

  2. Anonymous5/30/2013

    I totally want that organizer too... love it! Wonder where they bought it.


    1. Bess, thanks for the comment! I have no idea where they purchased that as I couldn't find the website anymore -- I wish I knew too!

  3. Your studio is way nicer than mine- currently in a very raw state!

  4. Glad you like my studio but I really want it to look inspirational and gorgeous like the ones at the top of the post! Maybe someday...